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Machine of Death

A marvelous collection, riddled with intelligence and creative reach...

Tasha Robinson,
A.V. Club

Machine of Death

A top ten Amazon Customer Favorite in Science Fiction & Fantasy for 2010, Machine of Death is an anthology of original stories bound together by a central premise. From the humorous to the adventurous to the mind-bending to the touching, the writers explore what the world would be like if a blood test could predict your death.

The book includes 34 short stories and 36 illustrations, and is published by Bearstache Books. A second volume is forthcoming in 2012. Visit to download free PDF of the entire book.

Time Traveler's Pocket Guide

This is the quintessential guide for the gentleman or lady time traveler...

Zach Weiner,
Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal

The Time Traveler's Pocket Guide

The Time Traveler's Pocket Guide by K. Sekelsky contains everything you need to know before you get in your time machine -- if you don't care much about scientific or historical accuracy, that is. This humorous book contains practical advice, helpful charts, a set of emergency muttonchops, and twenty-one pages of illustrations.

The Time Traveler's Pocket Guide contains additional contributions from M. Bennardo, Jeff Huber, and Sanjay Kulkarni. For more information or to buy the book (it makes a great gift for Doctor Who fans!) visit the publisher at The Time Travel Bureau.


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M. Bennardo is the writer of numerous published short stories.

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